Eating lamb meat may be not many people know, but it was unbelievable meat with highest nutrition. Lamb is an animal that is still a family with a goat. Lamb also have a disproportionate with goat that can be seen clearly. Commonly, lamb has a thick fur, and feathers that can be processed to be ordinary wool. Lamb can also be taken advantage of its meat. Although it is still less processed lamb chops with goat meat though. This is due to the price factor and also lamb farmers still relatively small, but even so processed lamb into favorites for some restaurants and restaurants.


Although processed Lamb and goat meat are relatively the same, but both have a slight difference. The most visible difference is the flesh structure. Goat meat has a structure that tough and hard, while the lamb chops otherwise soft and tender. Viewed in terms of the benefits and efficacy of lamb and lamb meatboth have in common. This is because both have the nutrients that are not much different. Here are the benefits of lamb.

High-Energy (100 gr = 206 kcal):

Health Benefits of Lamb Meat you could get from its great energy source. The lamb chops had high energy intake if consumed. it can be seen from the calorie content that in 100grm lamb meat contains calories as many as 206kkal, of the daily caloric needs as much 2000kkal. Calorie intake can help in daily activities, endurance and reduce fatigue when activity.

High-Protein (100 g = 17.1 g):

It is no secret anymore if the kind of red meat, such as the benefits of beef, pork, horse and lamb also has high protein and are very beneficial to the body. Evidently, from 100 gr mutton benefits contained high protein, which is about 17.1 grams of protein. For those who want to build muscle, then this protein is very good for you. some of the benefits of protein is to establish and increase muscle mass, fat binding, digestion, provide energy and strength to the body.

High Calcium (100 gr = 10 mg):

Another advantage of the benefits of the lamb chops is calcium content, which is also quite high and very useful for the body. Benefits of calcium contained in lamb meat helps the body’s process Maintaining bone health, strengthen bones, prevent disruptions and bone abnormalities. The content of calcium in lamb meat reached 10 mg per 100 g

Phosphorus (100 g = 1.91 mg):

Lamb also has a very high content of phosphorus. Just like calcium, phosphorus content is in the lamb meat would be very beneficial for health, especially in terms of maintaining healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis. 100 gr lamb chops contains 1.91 mg phosphorus are good for your body.

Vitamin B1 (100 gr = 0.15 mg):

Who says that there is no vitamin content on the kind of red meat? We need to know that mutton contains the benefits of vitamin B, especially vitamin B1. 100 gr mutton examined, turned out to contain as much as 0:15 mg of vitamin B1. This amount may be relatively small, however, vitamin B1 contained in lamb meat is useful to help the oxidation process, helps increase energy, maintain resilience and endurance and prevent the occurrence of scaly skin and dry skin.

Selenium (100 g = 7.0 mg):

Benefits of lamb and all kinds of another red meat contain selenium. Selenium in lamb can serve to produce the body’s antioxidant benefits. Here is some of the benefits of antioxidants is to counteract free radicals, reduce the risk of developing certain diseases of the body and made skin and organs more healthy.

Vitamin B2 (100 g = 0.2 mg):

Lamb meat and goat meat has vitamin B2 or commonly known as riboflavin. Vitamin B2 has many benefits for the body, among of them is for maintaining endurance and nerve health, maintain healthy eyes, and everything related to the senses of sight, Improve and maintain the immune system and prevent the occurrence of canker sores and chapped lips.

Vitamin B12 (100 g = 2.3 mg):

Benefits of lamb meat also contain good vitamin B12 and it is very beneficial to health. Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is commonly referred to as this will help the body in Maintaining healthy nerves, Helps the formation of red blood cells, prevent anemia, increase endurance and physical health.

Health benefits:

Prevent Cancer:

Lamb meat is one source of iron, vitamin B, choline and selenium that high enough. The content of choline and selenium can ward off attacks to dead cancer in our body organs. In addition, lamb meat also includes meat containing conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Wherein the acid content can prevent cancer-causing inflammation and malignant tumors.

Lose weight:

Who wants to losing weight? If you’re one of them, then eat the lamb chops on a regular basis. Red meat is a high protein and low in fat enough. So it will help control weight and prevent obesity. Not just end there, sheep meat consumption was also able to increase our body’s metabolism burning. this meat contains B vitamins that are beneficial to help burn calories and fat.

Prevent anemia:

Anemia or lack of red blood cells can occur due to iron in the body decline. Benefits of mutton further increasing the number of red blood cells (hemoglobin) are. The content of iron in the lamb meat is quite high, even considerably higher than the iron content in eggs.

Prevent birth defects:

Still related to the efficacy of perfectly for anemia, the iron content can also prevent birth defects. This happens because the iron content can prevent anemia in infants and pregnant women. So the growth of the fetus will be run optimally. To get the benefits of lamb for pregnant women above, you can eat them on a regular basis starting from the first 3 months of pregnancy. In addition to preventing birth defects, and other natural mineral content can also optimize the blood supply from mother to fetus.

Reducing pain during menstruation:

Usually, the women who are still having periods, they will feel the pain is so great. The pain is actually reasonable, given when the menstrual iron from the body much wasted. To meet the iron content and reduce the pain, you can eat the lamb chops on a regular basis every day. Thus, the iron need to the body can be fulfilled optimally.

Maintain skin health:

The next benefits of lamb are healthy skin. The lamb chops not only contains B vitamins, choline and selenium, but the meat also contains vitamin B12 that quite high. According to experts, vitamin B12 helps maintain the health of our skin. Starting from keeping the skin firmness, resolve phlegm, remove the hair, and much more.

Prevent autism, stress, and depression:

The lamb meat compounds containing omega 3 that high enough. The content with vitamin B12 and Omega 3 is helpful for preventing children with autism. Because one of the nutritional value of lamb is able to optimize the development of the central nervous system / brain in children. While the content of vitamin B12, it is good for calming the mind and cope with stress / depression.

Prevent stroke and kidney disease:

Benefits of lamb in prevention of stroke and kidney are actually very large, but many people don’t know this. These benefits may arise due to such meat contains high potassium and sodium content and low sodium. Potassium helps dissolve sodium and sodium in the body. Where the accumulation of sodium and sodium is usually causing stroke and kidney stone disease.

Substantial energy source:

Fat, protein, and calories in lamb meat fairly high. This substance will make our bodies stay fit during our daily activities. Interestingly, the high protein content of meat is also useful to help control weight optimally.

Maintaining bone health:

We can not deny it is, the benefits of lamb meat to the bones and teeth are enormous. Meat contains calcium compounds that can optimize bone growth in children and prevent osteoporosis in adults. In addition, each 100 grams of lamb also contain as much as 272 mg of phosphorus. The phosphorus content according to nutrition experts can meet 27% of daily needs. Benefits of phosphorus itself is capable of maintaining the strength of our bones and teeth.

Boost the immune system:

This is the last lamb chops benefits that you can get. Enriched with selenium, lamb meat arguably high enough antioxidants. As we all know, the antioxidant content is very good for boosting the immune system of a wide variety of diseases.